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Metallurgical vehicles: sintering trolley, hot metal tank side rollover, ladle car, furnace repair car, electric flat car, hot metal tank car, etc. Metallurgical single mechanical equipment: all kinds of rolling mill, all kinds of rolls, ball mills, crushers, thickeners, belt coolers, ring coolers, sintering machines, cranes, trolleys, dust collectors, cast iron machines, molding machines, pipe casting machines, mixer cars, mud bubbles, tappers, blowers, etc.


Spare parts: blast furnace cooling stave, roll, caster sector, mould, straightener, flame cutter, roller table, sliding nozzle, continuous casting electric non sinusoidal vibration, continuous casting hydraulic non sinusoidal vibration, mould level control, ladle, slag tank, tuyere, bell, converter support ring, electric furnace cover, furnace shell, coke oven door, bearing, bearing seat, etc.



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