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brief introduction


waste gas treatment


The products include converter dry dedusting system, dry pulse bag dedusting system and new og dedusting system.


converter dry dedusting system


product introduction


The converter dry dedusting and gas recovery system is mainly used for the treatment of converter steel-making waste gas and smoke dust in metallurgical industry. The system consists of evaporation cooler, electrostatic precipitator, ID fan system, switching station fan system, gas cooler system and electrical control system. Our company ensures the normal operation of the system through strict process control, so as to recover the gas with qualified quality.


functional features


The dust removal efficiency is high, and the dust content of purified gas can be as low as 10mg / m3;


There is no sewage or sludge, and the dry dust discharged from the system can be reused after being mixed and pressed;


Low power consumption, high energy-saving income and short investment return period.


technical indicators


Flue gas recovery index: CO > 30%; O2 < 2%;


Gas recovery: 90-110 m3 / T;


Dust content of purified gas: < 10mg / m3;


Power consumption: < 6 kwh / T;


Water consumption: 0.15 m3 / T.


dry pulse bag dedusting system


product introduction


The dry pulse bag dedusting system is a kind of dry and efficient dedusting equipment. It uses the filtering function of porous bag filter elements to dedust, and is suitable for catching fine, dry and non fibrous dust. The dry pulse bag dedusting system is mainly composed of ash cleaning system, air intake system, exhaust system, compressed air system, ash unloading system, ash conveying system, ash cleaning control system, etc. It is widely used in dust control and flue gas recovery of sintering, blast furnace, electric furnace and converter in metallurgical industry.


functional features


The dust removal efficiency is high, and the dust above 0.3nm can be collected, so that the dust containing gas can be purified to 15mg / nm 3 or less;


Less accessory equipment, less investment and simple operation;


It can catch the dust, nitration, sulfide and other compounds that are difficult to be recovered by electrostatic precipitator;


It has good adaptability to load change and is easy to handle and recycle.


technical indicators


Maximum running resistance of the dust collector system: < 1500pa;


Normal operation resistance: 800-1200pa;


Air leakage rate of precipitator body: 2%;


Service life of dedusting equipment: 30 years;


Service life of filter material: more than 30000 hours;


Service life of electromagnetic pulse valve: more than 5 years;


Allowable inlet temperature: 100-250 .


New og dedusting system


product introduction


The new og is called " venturi " wet dedusting system, which is mainly composed of high-efficiency evaporation spray tower, RSW venturi tube and compound hydrocyclone dehydrator. Our company adopts the RSW venturi hydraulic station and control system developed by ourselves, which can realize the micro differential pressure control of furnace mouth.


functional features


Dust concentration of discharged gas: < 40-70mg / nm;


Low failure rate, simple system structure and few maintenance points;


The throat of the upward long-diameter annular venturi is adjusted linearly;


Small water consumption and high heat exchange efficiency.


waste disposal


Products include iron and steel dust cold solid pellet treatment system, converter slag treatment system.


Cold solid pellet treatment system of iron and steel dust


product introduction


The cold solid pellet treatment system of iron and steel dust is used for the recovery and treatment of sintering dust, coking dust, blast furnace dust and dust mud, converter dust, electric furnace dust, steel rolling skin and dust mud. Our company can provide the process scheme of cold solid pellet according to the raw material conditions of the steel plant, such as dust composition and particle size, to produce the cold solid pellet that meets the requirements of blast furnace and converter production, to realize the recycling of resources, and to achieve the requirements of low consumption, low emission and high efficiency.


functional features


As steelmaking coolant and slagging agent: accelerate slagging, improve slag structure; replace lime and fluorite, simplify operation before furnace; shorten oxygen supply and smelting time, improve furnace life.


For blast furnace smelting: accelerate reduction and reduce coke ratio;


It has strong adaptability, less investment, quick effect and low energy consumption in cleaner production.


technical indicators


Cost reduction: > 5 yuan / ton;


Consumption per ton of steel ball: ~ 20kg;


Pellet size range: ellipse 15-35mm;


Pass rate of pellet: 80%.


Converter slag treatment system


product introduction


The new steel slag treatment system realizes the recovery of the waste gas metal and the utilization of the tail slag in the metallurgical industry through the closed-circuit circulation production process, screening, ball milling, magnetic separation and classification, and obtains high-efficiency, high-quality and high added value products.


functional features


Improve the comprehensive utilization rate of iron and steel enterprise waste;


Short processing cycle, high processing efficiency, clean production process, energy saving and low operating cost;


High metal recovery rate, reducing resource waste;


Reduce the dust pollution and industrial pollution of solid waste to the natural environment and urban environment, and realize zero discharge of steel slag.


technical indicators


Treatment methods: heat sealing method, heat pouring method, plate pouring method, water quenching method, air quenching method, granulation wheel method, etc;


Processing capacity: 2 million tons / year;


Processing granularity: < 10 mm.



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