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Intelligent Steel Making System

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EP general contracting of steelmaking system, and can provide design and technical consultation based on converter steelmaking, EAF steelmaking process equipment configuration, water supply and drainage, gas, heat, communication, electric drive, automation and other disciplines.

The adoption of "intelligent automatic steel-making control technology" can further improve the technical and economic indicators of steel-making production, reduce consumption, save energy, realize the stability and improvement of product quality, and implement standardized, economical and optimized process and technology management mode in steel-making production operation.

Converter: 50120150200250t.

Electric furnace: 50,75, 100150t.

Off furnace refining: AOD, VD, VOD, LF, RH-KTB

●core technology

Intelligent steelmaking

Charging automation (automatic feeding of scrap steel, molten iron, slag raking automation, driving converter linkage model, intelligent batching model); steelmaking automation (static model, position grabbing batching standardized operation, sonar slag dynamic monitoring, furnace gas analysis dynamic endpoint judgment, flame analysis endpoint correction); tapping automation (online detection of laser furnace lining, slag dropping detection Tap hole shape monitoring, ladle car / slag tank car laser positioning, ladle weighing); steelmaking system level II.

▶intelligent refining technology

Power supply optimization; slagging automation; argon blowing automation; unmanned platform.

▶intelligent chemical plant

Warehouse unmanned operation; multidimensional data analysis; production engineering detection; maintenance system equipment status remote diagnosis.



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