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Boye Group "Intelligent Manufacturing" – the first high-speed endless billet continuous casting and rolling production line in China!

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Recently, Tangshan Bohai Metallurgy (Group) Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Bolinte Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract ceremony for the continuous casting machine project of 180 square billet high speed endless rolling production line in Liaoning Bolinte Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. Leaders of both sides attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing of the cooperation agreement. Prior to the signing of the agreement, the chairmen of the two sides held talks, saying that the implementation of the project has opened a new chapter in the era of high-speed continuous casting.

180 square billet high-speed endless rolling production line caster project is the first set of high-speed continuous casting and rolling production line designed and manufactured in China. It is another innovation of continuous casting technology. It employs advanced and reasonable continuous casting technology and supporting equipment to cast 180x180mm continuous casting billet, and the maximum casting speed of ordinary carbon steel can reach 6m / min. By using endless continuous casting and rolling technology, the continuous casting slab is rolled all the time, so as to realize the metal yield and energy saving efficiency, greatly shorten the supply cycle from order to final product, improve the production flexibility, and enhance the market advantage of the enterprise.

In recent years, Boye Group has always adhered to the core values of "creating value with technology and serving customers with integrity". Taking the road of high-tech and high-quality development, constantly improving its competitiveness, giving full play to the technical advantages of continuous casting equipment, and constantly innovating, it has developed a series of advanced technologies with the industry leading level and meeting customer needs, including: molten steel quality management, smooth numerical simulation of tundish, casting without oxidation protection, copper tube optimization of high-speed mold, mold experts System, non sinusoidal vibration, roll design software, slab solidification model, dynamic water distribution, rapid replacement of secondary cooling section, continuous straightening, load balancing technology of tension leveler, roller insulation technology, automatic L2 control, continuous casting and rolling technology, robot application, etc., have established a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with industry customers.

In the future, Boye Group will continue to consolidate its leading position in China, improve the technical level of continuous casting and rolling equipment, enhance the product competitiveness of enterprises, enhance the technical output strength of continuous casting and rolling equipment, and create greater value for the realization of high efficiency and intelligence of metallurgical equipment!