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[Boye group] dream of connecting you and me to create brilliance hand in hand!

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[Boye group] dream of connecting you and me to create brilliance hand in hand!

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Dream of you and me hand in hand to create brilliant

2018 employee development training record

In the sunny and fruitful golden autumn September, Tangshan Bohai Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. and magrey (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. jointly organized this year's outdoor expansion tour for employees. The purpose of this activity is to further melt the team, challenge ourselves, improve team cohesion and cooperation ability, and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company. This activity is carefully planned by Macquarie (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. for two days. Under the premise of exquisite and orderly arrangement, this expansion training is successfully completed.

This expansion group construction activity is carried out in Gubei water town scenic area, Miyun District, Beijing. Gubei water town is a town built on the basis of northern water culture. It is simple, elegant and picturesque. When walking, you will recall the historical flavor of ancient buildings. When you turn around, look back and stare at them, the clear river always gives you joy inadvertently. Join hands to take a boat, listen to the sound of rowing, like telling a long story The story of the city.

In a harmonious, United and trusted team environment, six groups of participants completed five large-scale group construction projects, namely, ancient town treasure hunt, interesting finger board, brand tearing, visiting Simatai Great Wall and enjoying hot springs. The ancient town treasure hunt project is full of mist and suspense. It tests not only the physical strength of the staff, but also the wisdom of the staff, as well as the efficiency of the team. After receiving the task card and studying it carefully, each group starts to find the contact person, gets the secret order, and completes the task. In the fun finger board project, everyone deeply understands the importance of the individual in the team, and only everyone can protect it Only in good condition can the team win in the final competition; in the famous brand tearing project, the courage, wit and timing of the contestants determine the ownership of the final winner.

The visit to Simatai Great Wall fully demonstrates the indomitable, tenacious and persistent spirit of "Boye people"; the pleasant and comfortable hot springs make people linger and forget to return, and completely relax their body and mind.

On the evening of September 28, the company meticulously planned and organized a large-scale party with the theme of "dreams connect you and me, hand in hand to create brilliance". All the staff gathered together and had a wonderful and unforgettable night in food, wine, song and dance. At the same time, the party gave special commendation to the employees over ten years. They followed Boye all the way. They are tenacious and persistent, and they are the model of all employees!

During the 2-day outward development training, all employees have created a team with military like will and unparalleled morale. The employees involved in the training have a new understanding of themselves and the team, give full play to their personal strengths and use them in the team, and strive for a win-win team. At the same time, under the intense work and pressure, the employees are close to nature, enter the ancient lane, feel the charm of the millennium history and culture, and lay a solid foundation for improving the work efficiency, mobilizing the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the work, and better repay the company.

Experience and share

? a team needs to establish a clear goal and make a profound interpretation of the goal, form a highly operational plan, and select the best time for efficient implementation to achieve the goal

? it is impossible to believe in ourselves and the team at any time. As long as we don't choose to give up and retreat, we will be able to overcome difficulties. At any time, we should carry forward the spirit of persistence, trial, bravery and perseverance

? gratitude, sharing and cooperation: re recognize the self and the team, give full play to their own strengths and make them used in the team

Concluding remarks

A good team spirit and a positive attitude towards life are not only the basic qualities of modern people, but also the two core connotations of modern people's personality. An entrepreneur once said: don't think you can do anything. If you leave the team, you may achieve nothing. Don't think you are alone. If you have a team, you may do anything!

Thanks for the opportunity of close contact with nature and the joy of close cooperation of the team! Thank you for your active participation and sincere help. We hope that we can all conscientiously experience the core spirit of Outward Bound training, re understand ourselves and the team, constantly improve and strengthen personal quality, create a working atmosphere of solidarity, friendship, mutual assistance and cooperation, and more profoundly experience the relationship between individuals and enterprises, individuals and teams, employees and enterprises, so as to stimulate the team's higher work enthusiasm and hard work innovation Let our team have more cohesion and combat effectiveness!

Boye group

September 30, 2018