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Boye group's 2019 annual conference of enterprise inheritance, innovation, surpassing and winning

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Boye group's 2019 annual conference of enterprise inheritance, innovation, surpassing and winning


The sound of firecrackers sends auspiciousness, and the auspicious dream of Gongda starts! Although the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not dissipated, a new journey has begun! At this moment, everything is renewed!


New year, new starting point, new hope, we usher in the first day of construction with a new look! Welcome the new starting point of the construction, and start the happy year with your own hands!


In the new year, all the work will be carried out as usual. What remains unchanged is our more and more full spirit! What remains unchanged is our persistent dream! In the new year, I wish you all the best in your work!


Boye group's 2019 grand meeting


Wang dog says goodbye to the old year, and the golden pig brings luck to welcome the spring! From February 11 to 12, 2019, full of the joy of harvest and the beautiful yearning for the future, in the happy and peaceful atmosphere, Tangshan Bohai metallurgical equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. held a grand "inheritance, innovation, transcendence and win 2019!" Annual meeting of enterprises.


Part I 2018 highlights


In the past 2018, Boye people actively respond to various risks and challenges with a high spirited and hardworking work style, firm and powerful development pace, continuous improvement of quality and efficiency, comprehensive strengthening of risk management and control, remarkable achievements in scientific and technological innovation, more obvious corporate responsibility, and good reputation of brand image. New breakthroughs have been made in various works, and new capabilities and levels of market development and project management and control have been achieved We will continue to maintain a stable and healthy development momentum. This is worthy of the pride and pride of every Boye people! The leaders above the middle level of Boye group carried out the work report in 2018, made a comprehensive, objective and detailed summary of their work in the past year, and put forward the future development ideas and work objectives.


Zhao Jun, project director of the project management department, summarized the operation of the project in 2018. Under the correct leadership of the company's board of directors and the joint efforts of all employees, the group company completed the cold and hot commissioning of 22 projects in 2018. The successful signing of Shandong Rizhao Iron and steel project, Shanxi Jianlong project and Weifang special steel project, as well as the hot commissioning on schedule, further demonstrates the strength of Boye, which is worthy of our encouragement!


Ms. Peng Yufeng, general manager of Boye group, carried out the work summary report of strengthening centralized management and control, focusing on improving quality and efficiency, and striving to achieve the "four five" development goals. In the report, general manager Peng summarized the overall work of Boye group in 2018, and highly affirmed the achievements of the enterprise in 2018. 2018 is the first year of the "four five year plan" of the enterprise. Guided by the enterprise strategic positioning of "being the main force of metallurgical construction, the leader of emerging industries, and persisting in the road of high and new technology innovation and construction for a long time", with the "four five year plan" as the general starting point, all employees of the group fully implement the new development concept of the new era, take "improving quality and efficiency" as the core, and change the mechanism Focusing on the market-oriented route, focusing on improving the project management level, strengthening the construction of centralized and unified management and control platform, striving to prevent and control the "two gold" and project risks, keeping in mind the mission, seizing the opportunity and leaping development.


In 2018, all units and departments of the group closely focused on the business objectives set by the company at the beginning of the year, worked hard, blazed new trails, constantly challenged themselves and surpassed themselves under tight schedule and heavy tasks, so as to significantly improve the company's work performance. In the development of the company this year, a large number of individuals and groups with outstanding work performance emerged. They worked hard to overcome difficulties and make outstanding contributions to the development of Boye, which can be called a model!

Part II vision for 2019


Looking forward to 2019, we will continue to fully implement the spirit of "the fourth five year plan", let's stand at the new historical starting point of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, not forget our original mind and mission, uphold and carry forward the enterprise spirit of Boye people, change our ideas, forge ahead, reform and innovation, and practice the Boye spirit of "one day without delay, one day without slack", so as to achieve the catch-up and development of Boye , leapfrog development and step into the road of high-quality development in an all-round way to contribute wisdom and strength!


Ms. Peng Yufeng, general manager of Boye group, gave a speech on enterprise planning in 2019, focusing on the main business, leading by general contract of design and construction, striving to create a new situation of sustainable, stable and healthy development of Boye group The whole life cycle service system of manufacturing engineering; guided by the strategic positioning of "being the main force of metallurgical construction, the leader of emerging industries, and persisting in the road of high and new technology construction for a long time" in 2019, supported by the industrialization of metallurgical industry and the green and intelligent development of cleaning industry, the construction of design general contracting, intelligent metallurgy, green environmental protection, intelligent equipment, intelligent robot, intelligent automation will be carried out The six major business systems will continue to consolidate the main position of the "main force" of metallurgical construction, achieve top, top and entrepreneurship again, and strive to cultivate the company as an "all-round player" and "all-round champion" of metallurgical construction.


General manager Peng read out the annual business indicators of the enterprise in 2019, and required all employees to adhere to the "56448" strategy. All "Boye people" are required to roll up their sleeves in 2019 and work hard! Continue to create happiness belonging to Boye people!


Mr. Zhang Chengwu, chairman of Boye group, carried out the mobilization report of the work prospect of "gathering strength, reform and innovation, scientific development, and achieving the" annual goal ". In the report, chairman Zhang summarized and studied the achievements of the enterprise in the past, put forward relevant requirements, and gave guidance on how to implement the spirit of the annual meeting!


Part III target implementation in 2019


Signing ceremony of annual target responsibility letter


Part IV opening dinner and art performance


Boye group organized all staff to "inherit, innovate, surpass and win 2019!" New year's party, a new year's art performance. The opening of "Lion Dance" indicates that the enterprise is thriving and prosperous; the red envelope indicates that the enterprise is in good luck, five blessings and good fortune; the red scarf blesses all Boye people! Everything goes well! The beautiful songs of "a loving family", "unity is power", "everyone rowing and boating" accompanied all participants to a happy night.



In 2018, we reaped a lot and overfulfilled the target set by the group company at the beginning of the year. In 2019, our blueprint has been drawn and our goal has been set. Although we will face new difficulties and challenges, we will also face new opportunities and opportunities. As long as all Boye people unite and eliminate all difficulties, we will be able to create one Boye miracle after another! Let's roll up our sleeves and work hard in 2019, full of vitality and hope, to move towards a higher, further and stronger goal, and create happiness for our Boye people!


Tangshan Bohai metallurgical equipment (Group) Co., Ltd


February 13, 2019