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The last two sets of "movable bag filter for sintering and blast furnace ore tank" of Boye group were successfully put into hot test!

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The last two sets of "movable bag filter for sintering and blast furnace ore tank" of Boye group were successfully put into hot test!


Twenty million one hundred and ninety thousand four hundred and seventeen


Warmly celebrate the success of the last two sets of portable bag filter in sintering and blast furnace ore tank of * * * Co., Ltd. undertaken by Boye group!


The project provides 5 sets of mobile bag filter for 2 blast furnace ore tanks and 1 sintering ore tank. Before the transformation, the dedusting on the blast furnace and sinter trough adopts the way of connecting the outlet branch of the large-scale ore trough deduster with the roof cover of the distribution roof for dedusting. In this way, because the pipeline resistance is not easy to balance, resulting in uneven distribution of air volume, high air leakage rate, resulting in excessive dust concentration on the tank, and adverse effects on the surrounding environment and the health of operators. Boye group has developed a mobile bag filter for this problem.


After the transformation, the mobile bag type dust remover is used to connect with the distribution car, and the driving device of the distribution car is modified. The air volume of the dust remover is 18000m3 / h, the specification of the filter bag is Φ 130mm * 2450mm, and the ash cleaning method is low-pressure pulse online ash cleaning. The dust collection hood is designed for the roof of cloth distribution and the blanking port, and the dust removal effect is achieved by using a small air volume. The design size of the equipment is small, convenient for installation and maintenance. After the dust remover is put into operation, it solves the dust problem of sintering and blast furnace ore tank feeding in the production process, improves the working environment of field operators, and ensures the relevant national environmental protection and health standards. The installation time of this project is short, which overcomes the difficulties such as small installation height, unable to lift as a whole, and meets the owner's demand of "less investment and quick effect".


The success of a test run of the mobile bag filter is attributed to the targeted dust removal process design and mechanical structure design, which shows that Boye group has the ability to meet the growing environmental protection needs of customers.


Boye group


April 17, 2019