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[Boye Jiebao] warmly celebrate the success of one hot commissioning of a r10m six machine six flow alloy steel caster!

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[Boye Jiebao] warmly celebrate the success of one hot commissioning of a r10m six machine six flow alloy steel caster!

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Recently, Shandong * * * Co., Ltd., jointly constructed by Boye group and China Heavy Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd., "a r10m six machine six flow alloy steel caster" project, sent a good news of the success of the hot car!

It is reported that this set of caster is a r10m six machine six flow alloy steel caster, which mainly produces 200mmx240mm section billets with a fixed length of 6-12M. The steel grades cover wire steel, hard wire steel, curtain wire steel, etc. In this project, we mainly manufacture the butterfly ladle turret with a capacity of 260t, the elevating intermediate tank car with a capacity of 170t, the roller table system and the off-line auxiliary equipment.

With mature design, increasingly perfect technical concept and a large number of practical experience in caster transformation, Boye group has realized customization of different customers and products, saving more time and investment for customers; at the same time, Boye group has also become one of the first partners of large steel enterprises at home and abroad. Facing the future, Boye group adheres to the core values of "creating value with science and technology, serving customers with integrity", and is continuously improving its competitiveness in accordance with the strategic positioning of "the leading national steel engineering technology service provider, the overall solution expert, and the first choice of customers for the whole life cycle engineering technology service group", so as to realize the high efficiency and intelligence of intelligent equipment , green and create greater value.