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R & D innovation

Mrs.Peng, general manager of BYM ,won the 2012 China Female Economic Innovator

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2012 Female Innovator of China's economy (Peng Yufeng, general manager of BYM, the fourth one from the left)


  China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, a chief architect of a key model series ,ZhuXuejun;

  China Aerospace Science and Industry Technology Research Institute chief designer ,FengDawei;

  China State Construction Engineering Corporation, Beijing built Academy of Building Research Co. vice president ,Kai section;

  Chang Li General Manager ,LinXiaoying

  Lang chao Group vice president of Inspur Group, Yan Ling;

  Deputy magistrate of Shi Lou, Shang xi province, an Yuping

  Deputy magistrate of Shi Lou, Shang xi province, an Yuping

  Henan Century Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman WangYueji;

  Shenzhen Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. Chairman,LiuDanning;

  A cloth Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., general manager ,WangZihan.


  Xu Wei 2011 Female of the Year of China's economy, Shenzhen SiBaino GeneTechnology Co., Ltd. President ( first one in the left); Tao Ying 2011 Female of the Year of China's economy, Zan Hua (China) Electronic Systems Ltd CEO (first one in the right)

  Key Words:

  Reform and innovation as the core spirit of the Contemporary, are the soul of China's prosperity. Innovation is a strategic support of social productive forces ,the overall national strength, and also the lifeblood of enterprise enduring. Innovation is the wingof "China Dream".

  They dare to change and innovation, breaking the old conventions that hinder their development; they drive innovation as the fundamental, to build a new layout of the development; they accumulate knowledge of energy technology to break the bottleneck of their own development; they lead to wisdom insights, encourage enterprises to unleash the vitality , encourage enterprises to embark on sustained healthy development track. They are Chinese economy female Innovator of the Year. (Author / reporter Xian Hongxin photography / reporter Xu Jianjun)

Photo of General Manager Peng Yufeng (middle) and guests