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Celebrate Tangshan Bohai Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. "Dream Voyage --2014" Annual Meeting of business success!

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"Dream Voyage --2014" enterprise Annual Meeting

We held the Bohai Metallurgy "Dream Voyage -2014," the 2014 annual corporate meeting with a festive atmosphere during February 15, 2014 -February 16, 2014.

        All employees with joy and excitement to participate in "Dream Voyage -2014," the Annual General Meeting

The first part   Review 2013

 BYM and branches’over the middle leaders report the 2013 work briefly, fairly and impartially summarized the 2013's work. In this unusual year, under the influence of the tight macro-environmental factors as well as the international economic situation and other domestic tightening policy, intensifying market competition, BYM closely surrounds the board of directors, and always insist scientific second pioneering development ,unwavering, work together, not discouraged, do not give up, to pioneer, to drive, gained impressive performance today!

The Chairman of BYM, Mr. Zhang Chengwudothe 2014 Bohai Group Mobilization speech

The second part  Review 2013, outlook2014


Mrs. Peng Yufeng, general manager of BYM ,doa speech named "new development plan based on the new starting point , create new progress, driven BYM developed in the new market situation to a new level". Mrs.Peng, general manager of BYM, summarize the overall work in the 2013 of BYM, noting the significance of 2013 for the enterprise.2013 is ourfirst year of the plan--"three-five", also the sustainable development of enterprises, an important three-dimensional development year. Mrs.Peng, general manager of BYM, affectionate praised all the staffs’ work performance in 2013, praised adhere to the spirit of "23356"  as Guided, continue to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, pioneering and innovative management ideas, and strive to improve the quality of management, struggling in a difficult row. BYM has maintained a good momentum of development, completed the basic of major companies issued annual business objectives, ensureda good beginning  of"three-five" plan ,laid a solid foundation for the realization of the vision for enterprises. Embodied in the following aspects:


Highlight 1 :Improving business management strategy, grasp the "two position" ,to fight the "five tough" ,to make the rule of sustainable development of BYM.
Highlight 2: we deal with the difficult situation scientifically, work throughout the year to achieve greater results;
Highlight 3:innovation is the driving force behind the development of enterprises, product innovation and is the guarantee of BYM’sdevelopment ;
Highlight 4:build human resources integration and target responsibility assessment system based on strategic orientation
Highlight 5: striving for "Six Leadership", "four good employee" , creating BYM team, promoting the process of professional staff;
Highlight 6: adhere to continuous innovation, initially established a system of operational management capabilities;
Highlight 7: BYM powerful propulsion performance appraisal management, whole plant implementtime quota management, and promote the development of enterprise reform;
Highlight 8:grasp market development, project construction, pro-market by the success project, pro-business development.

Meanwhile, Peng Peng, general manager, general manager of the specified 2014 work thinking: adhere to the scientific outlook on development, economic efficiency, adhere to value-oriented thinking and efficiency in order to deepen the comprehensive management by objectives, comprehensive and meticulous management, comprehensive risk management and overall responsibility for the management as the starting point, focus on consolidating security infrastructure, focus on adjusting the "product mix" and strive to improve management, focus on cost control, efforts to promote scientific and technological innovation, and strive to improve economic efficiency, strengthen team-building, based on the new starting point for the new development plan create new achievements, and promote overall development in the new market situation to a new level. To accelerate the company stronger and better lay a solid foundation.

Mrs. Peng, general manager of BYM,report the company target in 2014 ,and required all the staff to adhere "1,2,3,4,5,6,7" which means adhere to  "one center" ,strengthen "two pusher" ,enhance "three capabilities ", " four breakthrough ",around" five priorities ", using" six platform ",reach" seventy goal"!


The third part  The2014 working mobilization of BYM

Mr. Zhang, chairman of BYM,summarized the achievements of the conference ,which inspire the morale of the General Assembly, analysis the situation, clarify ideas, deployment, implement of the mandate the General Assembly, implement a series of work plans, and create the rule which can help Bohaiacross the old way to meeting new situation!

In 2013, under the correct leadership of the Board, cadres and workers carry forward the difficulties, insist the spirit of climbing, unite as one, hard work, successfully complete  various tasks throughout the year, major economic indicators has achieved "full house." It is the hard pay from the staff , is the best witness of "development is the last word,".

Mr.Zhang, chairman of BYM, give a high evaluation of Mrs.Peng,the general manager, "new development plan based on the new starting point , create new progress, driven BYM developed in the new market situation to a new level", the report highly praised the work, summarized the work carried out in 2013 carefully,required there must be adevelopment strategy anda working path of "three- five plan" period, analysis BYM situation in-depth ,arranged the 2014 work scientific and reasonable!
Mr.Zhangchairman of BYM, pointed out that the following suggestionswhile carry out work for 2014 :

  1. continue to emancipate the mind, understand the current situation, the staff should
    implement"new development plan based on the new starting point , create new progress, driven BYM developed in the new market situation to a new level"
  2. strengthen leadership, implement the plan, to ensure that "promote the development of BYM in the new market situation to a new level" to achieve tangible results.
  3. adhere to scientific development, clear direction, "promote the development of BYM to a new level" campaign with a rapidly development.

In 2014,We must to grasp the "scientific development, achieve sustainable development," is the base of development, the source of power, we should improve learning ability, improve the ability to develop innovative, unswervingly build integrated enterprise competitiveness, grasp the trend, confidence, meet new challenges, grand blueprint into a reality, create new glories of BYM and work hard!



Mrs Peng Yufeng, general manager of BYM, and the company's department leaders signed the "objective responsibility"

The fourth part  BYM talent architecture building

BYM focused on 2014 "understand the situation, confirm strategic plan, build a good team, led the team", the Board of Directors to establish the company's new leadership, and give new leadershipa"the annual target," and signed "objective responsibility", clearly the responsibilities and tasks of various departments, laid the foundation for the work in 2014

The fifth part Senior leadership swearing-in ceremony

Mrs. Peng, general manager of BYM , the leadership of the head office and branches held 2014 swearing-in ceremony, have expressed their wishabout the "support of business leaders, comply with enterprise system, adhere to the scientific outlook on development, take economic efficiency as the central task, adhere worth thinking and efficiency-oriented. committed to enterprise development and spare no effort, no matter when and where corporate interests is the most important! "

Ten years glorious history, we have more sober and firm; now re-start the journey, we have a higher pursuit and goals, as long as we have the human resources to seize the opportunity to adherethe scientific concept of development, hard workwill let BYM valiant; profound knowledge, will create BYM sky. Fighting bravely and we will achievethe grand objective "lead the industry, leading the future,".