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R & D innovation

Level two system of continuous casting computer

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The secondary system of continuous casting computer has abundant process calculation models, which can provide reliable guarantee for the improvement of internal and surface quality of slab. At the same time, the system also has the functions of status display of continuous casting machine, slab information collection and analysis, production management and communication between systems.

The system can provide the following process calculation model.

Solidification model of slab;

Slab liquid core model;

Tundish clay pot model;

Tailings optimization model;

Dynamic water distribution model;

Dynamic soft reduction model;

Cutting length optimization model.


2.System Composition

The secondary system of the continuous casting computer collects the data of the continuous casting machine in the basic automation PLC and transfers it to the data server for storage or transmission. HMI acquires data from the data server for display and transfers operation information back to the basic automation system through the data server for execution. Secondary system uses PC to get data from server, run process calculation model, optimize calculation, and send the calculation results back to server, so as to complete the data transmission between basic automation PLC and secondary system.