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Boye Group "Intelligent Manufacturing" – the first high-speed endless billet continuous casting and rolling production line in China!
Recently, Tangshan Bohai Metallurgy (Group) Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Bolinte Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract ceremony for the continuous casting machine project of 180 square billet hi
Breaking news!! Phase IV converter project successfully signed between Boye Group and Vietnam Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel Joint Stock Co.,Ltd
Heartiest celebration!! Boye Group signed the contract of phase IV converter project (engineering, shipment, erection, commissioning) with Vietnam Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel Joint Stock Co.Ltd in May,20
Honor the hero and remember the compatriots
Release time:
2020-04-04 09:35
national mourning The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious public health emergency in China since its establishment. During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in China, the Chinese traditional festival Tomb Sweeping Day has arrived. Different from the past "paying paper money in thousands of words", in 2020, during the Qingming Festival, many people in China press the "pause" button for "on-site worship". In order to avoid the flow of people during the Qingming period, people remember their relatives and send their thoughts in the way of Online sacrifice and family reminiscence. This year's Qingming is destined to be more dignified, more deeply remembered and mourned than ever before. Today, novel coronavirus pneumonia and the dead compatriots are deeply grieved to express the struggle of the people of all nationalities to fight against the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The State Council decided to hold a national mourning activity on April 4, 2020. During this period, the whole country and the embassies and consulates stationed abroad set flags at half mast to mourn and stop public entertainment activities nationwide. Since 10 o'clock on April 4, the people of the whole country have observed a three minute silence, with cars, trains, ships and air defense alarms sounding. Boye group pays tribute to the martyrs who died in the war "epidemic"!
Salute our heroine
Release time:
2020-03-08 13:23
Tribute to heroine This year's International Women's Day is different Women in war "epidemic" Make the festival more eye-catching Women are never absent in times of adversity At the critical moment, she is more like a woman In the war without gunpowder Their courage is invincible, selfless and selfless Retrograde rescue, persistent persistence They are powerful and boundless Fearing thousands of mountains, returning to wanlichun Hope and warmth are no longer far away from us Today and every day Their beauty is worth seeing by you and me Boye group expresses its highest tribute and thanks to the goddesses fighting in the front line of anti epidemic! Spring ten miles as beautiful as you! Wish all goddesses a happy holiday! Boye group is not afraid of challenges, grasp opportunities, keep pace with the times, forge ahead, and work with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow! Tangshan Bohai metallurgy (Group) Co., Ltd March 8, 2020
Notice of Boye group on anti epidemic requirements
Come on Hubei! Go China! The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus infection prevention and control work in Tangshan City is issued under the request of the National Leadership Committee of the national health and Health Commission, and the notice issued by the leading group office of the prevention and control of pneumonia in the new coronavirus infection case, requires that all employees of Boye group must report to the personnel administration department and the neighborhood committees and the neighborhood offices of the company for the first time after returning from the field. Must be isolated and observed at home for 14 days as required. Any employee who refuses to accept home observation or conceals or fails to report will be investigated for responsibility according to laws and relevant system of the company and will be severely punished! Attention should be paid to isolation at home: 1. The patients with fever should live in a single room as far as possible and keep relatively isolated; 2. In order to prevent cross infection in the incubation period, it is suggested that healthy family members should also keep a distance of more than one meter, wear masks and speak face-to-face at a short distance. If possible, they are suggested to live in a single room; 3. When discarding the used mask, do not touch the outside of the mask, hold the strap of the mask with your fingers, and throw it into the medical waste container; wash your hands immediately after removing the mask; 4. Public chopsticks and separate meals are recommended. Family chopsticks are used for their own use. After meals, they are boiled with boiling water for 15-30 minutes for disinfection; 5. The kitchen board and knives for processing cooked food and raw food shall be separated, and the hands shall be washed after processing raw food and cooked food; 6. Ventilate the room frequently, 2-3 times a day, each time for more than 20-30 minutes; 7. Every day, 84 disinfectant is used to wet wipe and mop the floor, tables, chairs, stools, door handles and closestool in 1:100 concentration. 30 minutes later, water is used to wet wipe and mop once, twice a day. When 84 disinfectant is used, pay attention to ventilation and wear masks and gloves; 8. Ordinary clothes, bed sheets, bath towels, towels, etc. can be washed with 60-90 ℃ hot water and ordinary household washing liquid, and dried completely after cleaning; 9. Stop visiting relatives and friends; 10. Don't go out, don't go out. After going out and going home, 75% alcohol can be used to disinfect the external surface of the returned items, and the mobile phone and key also need to be disinfected and wiped clean with paper towel; mobile water and soap or hand sanitizer shall be used to wash hands, and disposable paper towel shall be used to wipe hands as much as possible after washing hands; 11. Each room in the family shall use a separate garbage can with a cover, and the garbage bag shall be sealed and disinfected after the garbage is thrown; 12. Work and rest regularly, exercise regularly, relax and improve immunity. Tangshan Bohai metallurgy (Group) Co., Ltd February 19, 2020
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